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Where I am Teaching & Cost 

Class Schedule:

Wakening Morning Flow! 

All Levels

Location/ Day's/Time's:

The Secret Garden

Monday's, Wednesday's, Fridays's

8:-9:AM Morning Vinyasa Hatha Yoga Flow!

The Secret Garden Massage, Yoga and Day Spa

Placencia Village, Belize.

Advanced Adaptive Hatha Vinyasa: 

Yoga For Everyone! Yoga with a Twist of Restorative... 

Location/ Day's/Time's:

Home Studio Maya Beach Belize

Monday's & Thursday's

10:30-11:30AM Yoga For Everyone!

Yoga Flow Online Zoom and in Person

Maya Beach Belize

Beginner Adaptive Hatha Vinyasa:

Yoga For Everyone! Yoga with a Twist of Restorative 

Location/ Day's/Time's:

Evolution Beach GYM in the Village

Wednesday's & Friday's

9:30-10:30AM Beginner Yoga For Everyone!

In Person at Evolution Beach GYM

In Plasencia Village west of the pier, same building as J-Byrd's Bar & Grill

Grounding Evening Flow!

All Levels

Location/ Day's/Time's:

Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas in the Three60 Martini Bar: Check in at thee Sirenian Bay Frount desk:


4:30-5:30 PM Grounding Evening Flow!

Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas Placencia, Belize

Private Classes:

Monday's-Tuesday's- Thursday's

12:-3:30 PM 

Time Reserved for Private Class or Private Group Class. Call to schedule:

Placencia, Belize



Satya "Truthfulness" Yoga

Address:  680 Placencia RD, 

Maya Beach Belize

BZ Phone +501 614-7898

USA Phone/WhatsApp: 

+1 303 859-5485



Class Cost:

  • Drop-In Class  $20.00

  • 10 Class Card $100.00

  • 20-Class Card $200.00

  • 1 Month Unlimited $95.00

  • 3 Month's Unlimited $255.00

  • 6 Month's Unlimited  $510.00

  • Yoga Mat Rental each $2.00

Belize Resort Class/Private Cost:


  • Reg-weekly class Drop-In Class $30.00 Minimum 3 Students

  • Private Class $120.00 1-3 Students $30.00 for each additional student

Or Schedule a private lesson anytime in-person or online zoom.

  • Price location in my home Studio: $85.00 per hour 1 Student 

  • Price location at your home, Resort/Vacation Rental: Private Or Group Private Lessons $120.00 1-3 Students $30.00 for each additional student

  • Private Zoom On-Line $60 per 60 minutes. 


What you well need for class!    

  • Yoga Mat "a must". 

  • Need a Yoga Mat rent one. " Only 10 mat reserve one early".

  • Wear comfortable clothing "no shoes or socks". 

  • A yoga strap or hand-towel, yoga block "not a must have only for convenient".

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