Adding weekly YOGA sessions to my life for the past two years has improved my breathing, strength and movement to that which I was as a much younger person. I am a more active person that no longer dwells on his aches and pains that comes with aging. Improving my core strength actually shifts weight and makes me appear more physically fit. I also sleep better. I'm a year away from 70 yrs of age and am convinced I will live longer with a higher quality of life. Thank you RaeAnne Steve Sorden

Steve Sorden

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

"I would like to take a moment to relate my experience with RaeAnne as my Holistic Nutritional Coach. I was having multiple bouts per week of stomach upsets and intestinal issues. I also experienced numerous ear and sinus infections. Antibiotics only seemed to mask the symptoms; then the pain and infections would come right back. These health problems continued for over three years and were really impacting my quality of life. Then one December, RaeAnne suggested a dietary change could address these health concerns. RaeAnne provide me information on nutritional books, a dietary guideline, and support while I went through the process of changing my eating habits, and in turn my life. I am feeling a great deal better now, my cholesterol in much lower, and I am even off my diabetic medication. Thank you RaeAnne for your nutritional coaching which allowed me to get to the root cause of my health issues. Your guidance and support truly helped and inspired me." Cindy E.

Cindy E.

Satisfied Client


Teen Ballet Dancer

"Teacher training was an amazing experience for me. It really taught me to look inward for the answers I'm seeking. The training took my personal practice to the next level of what is possible in asanas. In addition to the growth in my own physical practice, I also deeply cherish the knowledge and inquiry aspect of self, which was imparted to me!"

Leah Tumminelli

Satisfied Student 2019

I have been truly blessed to find Odyssey yoga & Satya "Truthfulness" Yoga and the teachers that hold that space for the yoga community. They have helped me grow as a yoga student and I have been very fortunate to have them train me to be a yoga teacher.

The 3 month teacher training program we not only learned poses and postures we learned about our true selves. RaeAnne Roseman & Staice Fincan helped us grow as individuals while sharing their hearts and insight. 

Juliet Casso and Brenda Smith, who are amazing at their craft, also work shopped structure and alignment as well as guided us in our journey. 

I cannot express how grateful I am to these amazing teachers who invested their time, energy and knowledge in to each and every student in the training. 

Our time spent with RaeAnne  and Stacie as the training was coming to a close was magical and enlightening.  I would recommend this training to anyone, not just people who want to become teachers. 

Heather Rogers

Satisfied Student 2019